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It’s tough to believe the rock n’ roll dance band Precious Byrd has only released one EP to date. The boys have been gaining steam in the industry since 2013 as a regional act in the Pacific Northwest. Headlining festivals and playing a variety of shows in between.

They’ve been known for high energy shows and covers, playing everyone’s favorite songs of all time and having a blast doing it. It was only fitting that a project of originals would flow from all that live performing.

Drawing from their rock roots, from some of their favorite bands, and from playing live (nearly 100 dates last year alone) their new EP Wolves is the natural progression and outflow from a lot of music and time together.

Bass player Lonnie Chapin says, “Get ready for a massive Byrd musical takeover, these songs are the best stuff we’ve ever released.”

Frontman Corey Parnell is known for his energy onstage was reminiscing about how the band came together, “We just set out to have fun making music together a few years back, we’d all played in different bands, we never thought it would become something so special.”

The band knew in order to make the kind of record they had envisioned it required an outside voice. “Bringing an LA Producer and friend, Jonathan Smith, to Oregon to record us was the next logical step,” said electric guitar player Casey Parnell. “It gave us the sound and feel we were looking for.”

After a few months laboring over songs and studio time the band is excited to announce that its Wolves EP will be release worldwide on April 13th on all major digital music outlets. Stay tuned on their social media for updates. The Wolves EP will feature 6 songs and a few more singles coming out in the summer.